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DRSS Healthcare centre was established in 1937 and is continuing its service to humanity and medical science since last 75years. DRSS Heart clinic a part of DRSS Healthcare is under Dr Kavi Sharma.

Dr Kavi Sharma: A consulting physician and preventive cardiologist did his M.D from Allahabad. after which he joined Fellowship in Cardiovascular rehabilitation from Medvarsity (Apollo Hospital);
What we do ?
  A multidimensional team of Doctors, Cardiac Rehab Specialist, Dietician & Physiotherapist
  Cardiovascular Rehabilitation coupled with EECP a unique concept for Heart Failure Patients
  Pre and Post Test evaluation of patients
  All Cardiovascular Rehabilitation programmes are based on British Association of Cardiovascular Prevention
& Rehabilitation (BACPR)
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eecptreatmentEECP® or Enhanced External Counter Pulsation is an FDA approved non-surgical treatment for refractory Angina (chest pain) and Heart failure.

Treatments are usually given for an hour (or Two hours) each day, five days a week, for a total of 35 hours.
During the treatment, you lie on a comfortable treatment table with large blood pressure-like cuffs wrapped around your legs and buttocks.

These cuffs inflate and deflate at specific times between your heartbeats. A continuous electrocardiogram (ECG) is used to set the timing so the cuffs inflate while the heart is at rest, when it normally gets its supply of blood and oxygen. The cuffs deflate at the end of that rest period, just before the next heart beat. The special sensor applied to your finger checks the oxygen level in your blood and monitors the pressure waves created by the cuff inflations and deflations.
Are you a candidate for EECP® therapy?

At DRSS Health Care we will examine you and review your medical history to determine if you are a candidate for EECP® therapy.
You may be a candidate if:

• You have Angina (stable/unstable), Heart failure and/or Cardiomyopathy
• Your heart medications no longer relieve your angina (chest pain) or heart failure symptoms
• You have had open-heart (bypass) surgery, a balloon angioplasty or stent, or other invasive    procedures, and your symptoms have returned
• You have been told you cannot have another bypass surgery, balloon angioplasty or stent, or    other invasive procedures
• You have chosen not to have surgery, angioplasties or invasive procedures
• You do not have any other medical conditions that may prevent you from having EECP®    therapy
What are the benefits of EECP?

• It substantially improves quality of life and diminishes chances cardiac events in future.
• The frequency and intensity of angina attacks are reduced, and many patients find that they    don’t need to take their angina medication (usually nitroglycerin) as often.
• Men and women treated with EECP report having a higher quality of life after EECP, and    many are able to exercise for longer periods without experiencing chest pain.
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Mr Gyan Chand Chawla a 65 year old male from Ambala city talking about his experience after taking Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) Therapy. Befor taking EECP he had alreadygone through a Bypass surgery after which he had restenosis (blockage) and had to undergo angioplasty (3 stents). But after a short time the stents were also blocked then he went for Balooing. But this also gave him relief for a very short period of time. Then he read an article about EECP therapy at DRSS Healthcare, Ambala cantt, Haryana and after recieveing 40 sittings he now feels much better. It has now been more than 6 months and he still no relapse of Angina. According to him he is now able to able three times more than he could after taking EECP. He now easily able to go on walks, play with his grandchildren and live a healthy and happy life.


Dr Rashmi talks about her experience after completing her Enhanced external counter-pulsation treatment.She was diagnosed with dual vessel disease and was advised two stents. She underwent selective EECP therapy and Cardiovascular Rehabilitation at DRSS Healthcare, Ambala Cantt (Haryana) and after 40 sittings felt much better in her Angina and Palpitation. Pre EECP she was not able to walk much or climb stairs but now after undergoing this treatment she is able to go for 2 to 3 km of walk daily and can comfortably do all her household chores without any difficulty. She underwent Myocardial Perfusion Scan after the treatment which showed that the blood supply to her heart was normal. Enhanced external Counter-pulsation is an USA FDA approved Non invasive (without surgery) treatment for Angina (chest pain), Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathy.


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